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Josh ‘JP’ Patterson says there is ‘no need for animosity and pain’ between him and ex Binky Felstead

The pair announced their split in September


Josh ‘JP’ Patterson said there is “no need for animosity and pain” between him and ex-girlfriend, Binky Felstead.

The Made In Chelsea stars welcomed their daughter, India in 2017 and announced their split in September.

The pair are clearly still on great terms though and regularly spend time together with their daughter.

Speaking about his relationship with Binky, Josh told the MailOnline that they can’t teach India to respect others, if they can’t respect each other.


“The minute she was born, Binks and I had a responsibility for our own actions and India’s. And we don’t want any negativity around her, even though we’re not together any longer.”

“A broken home is where communication and love and support is lost. That is not the case in this family,” he continued.

“How is my daughter supposed to show respect to another human if her mum and dad can’t do that with each other. There is really no need for animosity and pain.”

“She really is a reflection of where this family is – she is a careful, beautiful little girl,” Josh added.


Shortly after their split, Binky told the publication: “Ever since then it’s been really fine. We just both focus on India, and she still sees us together, chatting, being friendly. It’s just normal. And we don’t really have time to think about it.”