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Jesy Nelson’s ex Jordan Banjo praises her for speaking out about trolling in new documentary

The singer's documentary tackles her experience with trolling and cyberbullying


Jesy Nelson’s ex-boyfriend Jordan Banjo has praised her for speaking out about trolling in her new BBC documentary, Odd One Out.

The documentary follows the Little Mix star “on a journey of rehabilitation”, as she opens up about the abuse she has suffered at the hands of cyberbullies – and the effect it’s had on her mental health.

Speaking on Lorraine this morning, Banjo admired the work Jesy has done to share her story of trolling and cyberbullying.

Lorraine said: “Jesy, who you know you guys used to go out with each other, she’s done this documentary about how hard it is in the public eye, and not just in the public eye, to deal with trolls.”

“It’s really tough and I think she’s done an amazing thing with this, she’s got people talking don’t you think?” she asked.

Jordan replied: “100 percent, I think it’s something that again is hard for someone in Jesy’s situation because where she’s been so successful, she’s done so much, people’s initial reaction is to go, ‘Well if you wanna do that, you have to expect it.'”

Fellow Diversity star Perri Kiely joined him on the show, and the pair shared their own experience dealing with online trolls.

“I was really young when we won [Britain’s Got Talent],” Perri said, “But luckily we’re a big group of friends we’ve got each others’ backs.”


Jordan added: “To be honest with us boys, there’s 10 of us in the group. If you read a comment that’s not nice you try and banter it off and be like, ‘oh, it’s funny.'”

“Course it’s not funny, even since becoming… especially since becoming a dad, I get it worse than ever which is really weird. Comments like, ‘You’re not doing this right, you’re not doing that right,’ it’s like mate he’s a kid.”

Jesy and Jordan dated for 10 months before splitting in early 2013.

Jesy’s documentary Odd One Out airs on BBC One tonight at 9pm.