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Jason Gardiner apologises for calling Gemma Collins a ‘refrigerator’

The Dancing On Ice judge insists he didn't mean to offend anyone

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Jason Gardiner has apologised for ‘referring’ to Gemma Collins as ‘a refrigerator.’

The Dancing On Ice judge said he thought the ‘GC’, which is Gemma’s alter-ego, was a refrigerator – but he has since clarified his comments.

During his appearance on Heart Breakfast, the show’s host asked Jason, “So you’re in no way suggesting a correlation between a refrigerator and Gemma’s size? Because that’s how it’s being taken.”

Jason insisted he was not referring to Gemma’s size, as he said: “Oh God, no. It was really to do with the GC part of it, because she has this alter ego you know, self-proclaimed GC and it’s really interesting.”

He continued: “And every time I hear it, it makes me think of a white goods appliance. I was trying to make light of it really and just have some levity with it and because what I don’t like to do is constantly make this anything that it isn’t.”

Jason then apologised for anyone who misunderstood.

“If people are taking it that way, look I’m really sorry it was just a way of just diffusing any tension and making light of the situation and the GC part of her persona,” he said.

When asked if he’ll make it up to her when he sees her at the DOI final this weekend, Jason replied: “Sure. If she needs a hug, I’ll give her a hug.”