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Jamie Oliver reveals that he has a tracker on his teenage daughters’ phones

Jamie Oliver has revealed that he has a tracker on his teenage daughters’ phones.

The father-of-five keeps close tabs on his 16-year-old daughter, Poppy and 15-year-old daughter, Daisy, 24/7.

The celebrity chef and his wife, Jools, have an app on their phones which tracks their children’s whereabouts and also tells the children where their parents are.


“We used an app to keep track of our kids’ whereabouts. The older girls, Jools and I are all on an app called Life360, which means we can see exactly where everybody is and the route they’ve gone,” the 43-year-old revealed to Woman Magazine.

“So if one of the girls says, “I’m going to Camden Town” and I can see they’ve gone to Reading, then we have a problem,” Jamie continued.

The chef also stated that his children can track him as well: “They can check on me, too, and see how fast I’m driving. It’s brilliant.”

Jamie recently hit headlines after he attacked a burglar who attempted to break into his house.

The celeb tackled the man to the ground, before police were contacted and arrested the burglar.


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