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James Blunt reveals two strangers have offered to donate kidney to sick father after emotional GMB plea

This is amazing!


James Blunt has revealed that two strangers have offered to donate a kidney to his sick father.

Last month, the singer opened up about his father, Colonel Charles Blount, being diagnosed with kidney disease on Good Morning Britain.

The 45-year-old said they desperately needed a donor from the O-positive group, as he and his sister aren’t eligible.

Speaking to the Express newspaper, he said: “I wanted to give my father one of my kidneys but I wasn’t a match. He needs it as soon as possible and he’s on a waiting list.”

“I’ve been saying in interviews he has been waiting for a kidney and, remarkably, two people have now come forward.”

He continued: “It’s incredible of them to do so, and we’re hoping they might be a match. Things are proceeding in the right direction and I don’t know the answer yet but we’re keeping positive – touch wood!”

“It would be the best Christmas present if we were to find the right donor but, for now, it’s in the hands of the professionals.”

“My father is being looked after incredibly well by the doctors on the NHS.”

“They’ve been amazing. In fact their attention has been mind-blowing. It’s hard to come to terms with but I have a new family and so I see the circle of life playing out in front of me,” he said.

“If anything, it has brought me even closer to my family because you realise that you don’t have much time, or as much time as you would like, with a parent.”