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Jake Quickenden reveals troll who called his baby ‘ugly’ has apologised

The 32-year-old revealed his son has been the subject of vile online abuse despite being just four weeks old


Jake Quickenden has revealed a troll who called his baby “ugly” has apologised.

The 32-year-old and his girlfriend Sophie Church welcomed their first child together last month, a baby boy named Leo Oliver.

The former I’m A Celeb star revealed his son has been subject to vile abuse on social media, and publicly called out a troll who left a cruel comment about the newborn.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, the former X Factor contestant said: “I will always call these people out! If you can troll a 4 week old baby you need to expect to be called out.”

“I deleted the post, I don’t want anyone to troll that guy, I don’t want him to be afraid. I just want people to know what they do have consequences and you can’t do that.”

“Yes Leo can’t read the comments but his parents can and obviously it’s upsetting. I’ve deleted it, he’s a 22-year-old lad. It is what it is. I wish that people would learn from this s***.”

“He sent me his number on Instagram, I gave him a ring. Do you know what the scary thing is? He’s a nice lad,” Jake revealed.

“He apologised and said it was pathetic and he was after a few likes and he needs to grow up. If it’s taught him anything then hopefully he won’t do it again. That’s all we ask for.”

“Let it be a lesson, you can’t do it, you may get a few likes but it upsets people. I appreciate him for ringing, or sending me his number so I can ring him. Like I said, he’s a normal lad.”

Last week, Jake shared a photo of his son to Instagram, writing: “REAL POST… So in the past week this little man has been told he needs Botox, that he’s ugly as f**k and that he’s weird looking…”


“Me myself have also been told stay off social media if you don’t want to be trolled, it’s so baffling to me that I should have to stay off social media if I don’t want my 4 week old trolled.”

“I don’t mind people giving me s**t, as sad as it is I’ve had to get used to being called ‘irrelevant’, ugly’, ‘attention seeking’ and the list goes on but to troll a innocent child is so wrong and the people doing it seriously need to seek help.”

“Also why should I stay off social media if I don’t want him trolled the thought process of some people is shocking, maybe people just shouldn’t troll.”


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“I enjoy social media it’s full of lovely people who are supportive and I like sharing my ups and downs, I try and be real as possible, but unfortunately there is a dark side of social media and something needs doing about it.”

The new dad added: “Anyway rant over!! The lion is 4 weeks today! Cute af. Love you son @leooliverq.”