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Jake Carter says he’s trying to end presumption that he plays country music

The 20-year-old is often mistaken for playing country music


Jake Carter said that he is trying to put an end to the presumptions that he plays country music.

The singer admitted that he gets annoyed when people confuse him with his older brother, Nathan as they do not make the same type of music.

“The only thing is a lot of people just presume I am country and that is one of the big things I am trying to get away from at the moment,” he told The Irish Mirror.

Picture: Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM

“I have nothing against country music but my single at the minute is very pop, Olly Murs meets Bruno Mars stuff so it is nowhere near country,” he added.

“But there is still people labelling me a country star and when you see that it is very annoying. They get sent the press releases and if they listen to the music they would know it is not country and that kind of does annoy me but that’s part and parcel with the job.”

The 20-year-old said there is no competitiveness between him and Nathan, as they don’t play the same genre of music: “I don’t feel pressure because we are completely different genres, he is country and I’m pop but there is nothing competitive there.”

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