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Inquest into Mick Norcross’ death reveals he was tragically found dead by his son Kirk

The former TOWIE star took his own life back in January

Mick and his son Kirk

An inquest into the death of Mick Norcross has heard he was found dead by his son Kirk back in January.

The 57-year-old, who previously owned Essex nightclub Sugar Hut, tragically took his own life on January 21 – leaving his friends and family devastated.

At the Chelmsford inquest today, it was revealed that Kirk smashed windows to gain access to his father’s home, after he failed to get in contact with him.

According to Essex Live, the 33-year-old desperately searched Mick’s home, before he found his father dead in the wine cellar.

In a statement read by the coroner, Kirk said he had seen changes in his dad’s behaviour during lockdown, and noted that he was under financial pressure.

He read: “As further time went on I noticed my dad’s behaviour around me began to change.”

“During first lockdown in March 2020 I noticed my dad change. He always used to be early riser, drink tea in morning and watch the news and have shower.”

“He would always be around family, we were always close. He had positive mindset. He began having lie ins sleeping until 9am and he seemed down and depressed and seemed to have black cloud over his head.”

“It was the time my father should have been retiring. He would never discuss feelings but we were very close and always knew when we were down.”


“One thing I noticed was that he was always down and deflated. He would show zero interest,” the statement continued.

“I remember having a conversation with mum telling her dad wasn’t himself. I wouldn’t say my father had any mental health issues he was never diagnosed with depression to my knowledge.”

“My father on occasions would make passing comments saying ‘this money is not worth this agg’, ‘I’m better offing myself’. I just thought he was joking or figure if speech. I never thought he would do anything.”


“I wouldn’t describe it as cry for help. Financial issue was only issue going on in father’s life at time so I put the behaviour down to this.”

“I never thought he would not profit from the developments. I knew it was bothering my father but I always thought he would still profit from the works and then he would be back to his normal self. The behaviour continued until the day he died.”

Just hours before he was found dead by Kirk, Mick tweeted: “At the end remind yourself that you did the best you could. And that is good enough.”


During the inquest, the coroner concluded that Mick took his own life on the balance of probability.

“It seems to me the only plausible on based on evidence that he intended to take his own life on the balance of probability,” they said.

“He had been under a great deal of pressure and I accept the evidence of his family that he was a very proud man who saw himself as a provider and he was very successful.”

“The projects he was working on took longer than he banked on and wasn’t going to be as profitable as he hoped. He hoped to be in position to retire.”

“I also take into account his son’s statement and I don’t think it is a coincidence that his mental health deteriorated during lockdown.”

The coroner added: “Sadly Michael was overcome by a low mood and feeling unable to cope and sadly he acted on impulse and carried out this out which ended his life.”

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