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Holly Willoughby breaks down in tears during devastating interview

Holly Willoughby broke down in tears during a devastating interview with a mother who had lost her baby boy to sepsis.

The mother-of-three apologised to viewers after losing her composure on This Morning during an interview with Melissa Mead, who’s baby boy William died of sepsis in 2014, after several doctors failed to recognise his symptoms.

Melissa is now campaigning to raise awareness of the illness, and appeared on the show to share her heartbreaking story.

Baby William had a persistent cough over the course of seven weeks, and soon developed other symptoms like vomiting and fevers.

After bringing her son to the doctors on several occasions, Melissa revealed that his condition was deemed “non-urgent”.

After being told that her son just had a “viral infection” and needed rest, Williams died just hours later, in December 2014.

“I went to check on him and he had passed away,” Melissa cried. “He was just perfect, he was everything we could have dreamed of and more.”

Melissa was holding a teddy bear that contains William’s ashes, and as they wrapped up the interview – host Holly Willoughby could be seen wiping her eyes as she struggled to keep it together.

After the interview, Holly apologised to viewers for not being able to read her lines.


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