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Henry Cavill shocked as he is mistakenly listed as DEAD

The Superman actor read online that he had died.


Superman actor Henry Cavill was shocked to see he was mistakenly listed as DEAD online.

Henry noticed an online biography that claimed he had died on March the 3rd this year.

Sharing the image to his Instagram followers, Henry wrote ‘when you wake to learn you have died two days ago…’

When you learn that you died 2 days ago….

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This is not the first celebrity fake death to do the rounds on social media, and thankfully Henry seemed to see the funny side of it.

In the past couple of years many celebrities have had hoax deaths online, Sylvester Stallone being the most recent one.

The Rocky actor shared an image with his Instagram followers captioned, ‘please ignore this stupidity..alive and well and happy and healthy..still punching!!’

Please ignore this stupidity… Alive and well and happy and healthy… Still punching!

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Jackie Chan was also subject to false claims that he was deceased and took to Facebook to tell his followers that he was in fact not dead.

‘Hi everybody, yesterday I got on a 3am flight form India to Beijing. I did not get a chance to sleep and even had to clean my house when I got home.’

‘Today, everybody called me to congratulate me on my rumoured engagement, afterwards everybody called me to see if i was still alive.’

‘If I died I would probably tell the world, I took a photo with today’s date just in case you don’t believe me. However thank you all for your concern. kiss kiss and love to all.’

‘P.S my dog is healthy just like me, he doesn’t need surgery! by the way my dogs are golden retrievers not Labradors’.