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Gemma Collins reveals she was ‘punched in face’ by school bully

The reality star has opened up about her experience with bullying


Gemma Collins has opened up about being bullied in school, and revealed how she was “punched” in the face by a mean girl.

The 39-year-old was bullied so badly that she had to move schools to get away from her tormentors.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Gemma Collins Podcast, she told listeners: “I never got bullied because of my weight, I actually wasn’t overweight at school.”

“I used to be bullied because I was quite popular and I was quite out there.”


She continued: “Basically, I had to move schools in the end because I was bullied quite bad. One girl even punched me in my face and stole my purse.”

The news comes after Gemma recently revealed she suffered a miscarriage during lockdown.

The 39-year-old opened up about her heartache on Loose Women earlier this month, admitting she is still “holding on to the dream” of having a family one day.

“Behind the smiles there’s been a lot of pain,” she shared, “I’ve been going through a very sad miscarriage in lockdown.”

After having a ten-day-long period, she explained: “I rang my doctor and he said I had to go straight to the hospital.”

“It was very sad. But it does make me realise that potentially there is hope for the future.”

“I pray every night that everything’s going to work out for me because I’ve been quite lucky with my career but my personal life is heartbreaking.”

“Having a miscarriage with someone you love very much was very heartbreaking,” she added.