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Gemma Collins reveals she was bedbound for DAYS after ‘awful’ food poisoning

The TOWIE star revealed a nurse had to come to her home to take care of her


Gemma Collins has revealed she was bedbound for day after getting “awful” food poisoning.

The TOWIE star returned to her podcast on Thursday after taking a week-long break, and explained her absence to her listeners.

The 40-year-old said: “I took a break from the podcast last week as I’ve been quite poorly. I literally couldn’t even speak, but I’m slowly getting back on my feet.”

“I would love to give you some exciting gossip about my week last but literally I was so unwell that I could not get out of my bed.”

“I had a really awful sinus infection and it was just a really awful week – I had the funeral of my dear friend that passed away,” she explained.

After trying to “get back to normal” following her infection, Gemma went for some lunch with a friend and got food poisoning.

“Three hours later I collapsed on my kitchen floor and was being so violently sick and all the rest that goes with it – I won’t go into detail. I was poisoned – I had food poisoning. It was absolutely awful and my whole body just got so run down recently that I had to listen to my body.”

“I had to rest. It was awful, I had to cancel all my work and I was really looking forward to getting back to work this week – but I cancelled all of my work and just allowed my body to heal.”

“I had to get a nurse to come to my house but literally I was sick for days on end, it was just not going. My mum and dad came over because they got really worried and I just want to thank them so much for helping me.”

“My whole body, it was like an alien was inside it that was just dying to come out – it was absolutely awful,” Gemma admitted.

“It was just my luck, just when the restaurants opened, just when I stopped moaning about catching a cold, I then got food poisoning. You couldn’t write it, but nothing ever runs smoothly with me.”