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Gemma Collins responds after Love Island’s Amy does an impression of her

The clip was a huge hit with fans.


Gemma Collins has responded after Love Island’s Amy Hart did an uncanny impression of her on the hit reality TV show.

In the clip, Amy can be seen mimicking some of The GC’s most iconic phrases from her time on Celebrity Big Brother.

The clip was a huge hit with fans, and now Gemma herself has reacted to it.


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Taking to her Instagram feed, Gemma shared a video of Amy’s homage to her, and gave the Love Islanders some advice on how to handle fame:

“Go on GEWLS…wishing you all the best,” she wrote.

“Keep it real enjoy and most of all when you come out surround yourself with your family and only people you can trust.”

She advised the cast to enjoy their time in the spotlight, but reminded them not to lose sight of who they really are through fame.

Amy Hart

“Enjoy the trappings of fame …. but most of all don’t become anyone else but you keep it real”

“Stay away from the hangers on I’ve been there seen it and got the teeshirt …. family and loved ones” she wrote.


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