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Gemma Collins recalls ‘really bad’ battle with ‘mystery illness’

Gemma has recalled her “really bad” battle with a “mystery illness”.

The 41-year-old revealed she was nearly rushed to hospital after collapsing on the floor.

The former TOWIE star, who is hooked up to a drip, said she “wouldn’t wish it upon her worst enemy.”

Speaking to OK! magazine, Gemma said, “I have been so ill I cannot tell you. My workload has been a lot, but I’ve had a virus. I’ve been really, really, really unwell.”

“I literally had to film up in Wales and I was very unwell.”

“I had to call the doctor out and the doctor said to me, ‘Look I’m going to give you medicine but I actually think this is a virus and it’s not going to work.'”

Gemma is currently filming ‘More Daffs and Taffs’ in Wales, which will see her explore her Welsh heritage.

She recalled beginning to feel unwell at the start of August, but tried to push through for her filming commitments.

However, she said her “body was having none of it.”

“Basically I’ve been on drips. Rami nearly had to take me to the hospital on Saturday night because I was collapsing on the floor,” Gemma explained.

“Literally, it was really really bad whatever I’ve had, it’s been awful.”

The former TOWIE star also revealed she’s beginning to eat organic food in a bid to boost her health.

“I love my body. I find the small changes that I’ve been making have had such an amazing, significant impact – life changing choices on me.”


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