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Gemma Collins lands place on Celebrity MasterChef as ‘compensation for on-stage fall’

The TOWIE star fell through a trap door at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards last year


Gemma Collins has reportedly been offered a place on Celebrity MasterChef as compensation for falling through a trap door at BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards.

The reality star fell through a trap door while she was introducing the cast of Love Island on stage, and the footage quickly went viral after it was caught on camera by fans.

At the time, Gemma told The Sun, “I’ve got to consult a lawyer, yeah. The BBC, they’ve not been in touch with any compensation or anything – or even an apology.”

“I am overwhelmed by everyone’s support but if we just take a minute and watch that clip back it could have been the end of The GC. I can’t back down from it.”

Gemma was initially going to sue the BBC, but backed down after giving them an ultimatum.

The reality star reportedly said if she was given a place on Strictly Come Dancing, she wouldn’t take legal action.

The morning after the fall Gemma shared, “I’m in pain this morning I’m not going to lie. It could have been fatal. Under there was all machinery going on. I’ve got to apologise to the Love Island guys because I wiped them out.

“All will be forgiven with the BBC if they give me a slot on Strictly next year, then I’ll let bygones be bygones.”


According to The Sun, a source has said, “After the incident it didn’t look as though Gemma would ever work with the BBC again, but there has been some peace-making behind the scenes.”

“Initially she was determined that only Strictly Come Dancing would do, but she’s excited about the prospect of MasterChef and it has very much cooled the tension. Everyone is looking forward to having her on.

“She’s a great character and popular with viewers – she’ll bring something very different to the series,” they added.

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