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EXCLUSIVE! TOWIE’s Jess Wright opens up about the pressure of being in the public eye – ‘It can get quite hard’

The reality star revealed how she deals with online trolls


TOWIE‘s Jess Wright opened up about the pressure of being in the public eye and said: “It can get quite hard.”

The reality star launched her own beauty range with Dealz, with fake tan, tanning wipes, fake nails, a face mask a tanning mitt, 3-in-1 wipes, lashes and an eau de toilette.

Speaking exclusively to Goss.ie about her range, Jess said: “I’m really excited, I’ve just launched Jess Wright Beauty Range exclusive to Dealz and Poundland in England. I’m absolutely over the moon.”

“It’s a beautiful range, the products are amazing. I kind of tested it for about six months. There’s nails, there’s lashes, fake tan, makeup wipes, tanning wipes, perfume and a face mask. So it’s a really extensive range and very affordable.”

“I’ve always loved beauty and I’m always posting about beauty on my Instagram. It felt like it was the perfect collaboration. I love that it’s really affordable for everyone, it’s obviously only €1.50 per item.”

“I went through the whole process with the Dealz team and designed the packaging from the start, chose all the products, tested them all out. So it’s something I really believe in.”

While the reality star loves beauty, Jess also opened up about the pressure of having to look a certain way while in the public eye.

“There is definitely pressure in the public eye to kind of look glam all the time or look your best. So it can get quite hard, but I think I’m also one of those people that if I go to the gym I won’t really put makeup on,” she told us.

“I’ll just throw on some shades and hope for the best, because you can live your life like that you’ll end up driving yourself crazy.”

Another struggle of being in the public eye is dealing with negativity online and Jess revealed that she has a strong group of family and friends who make it easier for her to deal with it.

“How I deal with trolls, I mean I kind of just try to ignore it. I’ve got a really strong network around me of family and friends. I’ve always been very grounded,” she said.

“So I think it’s just a case of kind of appreciating that some people go about their lives just to make other people feel down. So you just kind of brush it off your shoulder, but I get that it can be really difficult and I think that it’s just important to stay true to yourself and ignore it.”

The 33-year-old also spoke about her music career, as she released a number of singles since 2012 and recently shared a cover of ‘Shallow’ on social media.

Jess revealed that she still loves music and that she may release another record in the future: “I do love my music and I love singing. That’s how I got into this industry in the first place, I was in a girlband and I was hoping that it would get great coverage.”

“I do love singing, I love putting it on my Instagram because I just think it’s something that’s true to me and my passion. You never know, there could always be another record or something, I don’t know.”

“I wasn’t expecting that reaction to ‘Shallow’ because it’s such a big song and such an iconic song from last year. I was quite scared to put it out there because I didn’t want people to be like ‘you’ll never as good as them obviously.'”


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The TOWIE star also thanked fans for their support on her latest cover and added: “But it’s just such an amazing song and powerful that we thought we would take it on and thank God it paid off. I really appreciated everyone’s feedback, it made me feel great. I do love that song, it’s beautiful.”

“Absolutely, I think with the economy at the minute as I just think affordable is kind of the best thing for everyone. Not only that, the product is amazing. I just thought that there are so many options out there, for me it just felt like the perfect collaboration. There’s so many stores over the U.K, an amazing amount of footfall in the store as well, it just made sense.”

Jess shared her excitement about her brother, Mark moving home to England after spending two years working in L.A:”It’s nice to have Mark back home. Obviously he’s my brother, we all missed him so it’s lovely that he’s home.”

She added that his relationship with wife, Michelle Keegan is “lovely” and “perfect.”


As for the possibility of extending her beauty range, Jess told us: “I’d absolutely love to extend the beauty range. Like I said I love beauty. I’m a really girly-girl, so anything to do with like beauty and skincare and health and that kind of thing, I love. So yes, I’d love to extend it. So you never know, watch this space.”

“I think my favourite product is the nails, because I wore them like for six months straight and they were honestly like amazing. They stay on so well, they look gorgeous, they look really modern, so I’m just really proud of it.”

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