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EXCLUSIVE! Too Hot To Handle star Beaux shares update on her romance with Harry

WARNING! This article contains spoilers for the new season of Too Hot To Handle.

Beaux Raymond has shared an update on her romance with Harry Johnson.

The London-born legal secretary found love on the latest season of Netflix’s hit dating show Too Hot To Handle, which joined Netflix earlier today.

Harry asked Beaux to be his girlfriend while out on a romantic date towards the end of the season, and the couple went on to win the show – splitting the $90k cash prize.

In an exclusive interview with, Beaux said: “When Harry first walked in, I’d personally didn’t think anything of him. He’s quite different from the guys I usually go for. He’s not a bad boy, bless him, he’s lovely.”

“Obviously I thought he was fit but I didn’t think anything of it. We were friends first of all, and we shared a bed together. I think the more we had pillow talk and things like that, we just progressed from there and yeah, the ending is just lovely with us.”

“Let’s just say we are both really happy,” the 24-year-old gushed.

The show’s singletons had no idea they were going on Too Hot To Handle, as they were fooled into thinking they had signed up for a show called Pleasure Island.

Beaux, who got approached for the show, explained: “It was just crazy because I signed up for Pleasure Island and then all of a sudden, you find out you’re on this massive TV show.”

“I’d never watched it before. So when Lana came on, I was a bit like, ‘What is that? Air freshener?'”

“Fame has never really come to mind for me really. I’m so low-key on social media and I never wanted to be famous but looks like things are going to change now!” she added.

Watch the ten new episodes of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix now.


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