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EXCLUSIVE! Ryan Thomas reveals why he won’t be returning to reality TV any time soon

Ryan Thomas has revealed he won’t be returning to reality TV anytime soon.

The actor, who recently won Celebrity Big Brother after one of the most controversial seasons to date, admitted he wants to take a break.

Speaking exclusively to at Dublin store The Couture Club, Ryan said he wants to put reality TV on the “back burner”.

“I think we need to put that on the back-burner for a bit and we need to chill out and spend some time with family,” he said.

“That’s important for us now because we’ve been away from each other for a while, so it’s not a focus of ours right now,” Ryan said.

Meanwhile, Ryan opened up about his close relationship with his two brothers.

When asked if the trio have always been this close, Ryan exclaimed: “No, that’s what you calling acting!”

Picture: Brian McEvoy

The CBB winner exclusively told “No, I’m joking, that’s all that matters to us, that we are close. It’s important, especially when you need the support, you have it and this is what I’ve got.”

As for his return to acting, Ryan claimed that his brother, Adam, was taking all of his jobs.

“The problem is I want a job but he keeps taking them. That’s the problem with having a best-looking brother that looks like you!” he joked.

The brothers clearly like to joke around with each other and speaking of his time on CBB, Ryan even stated: “The only people that voted were my brothers!”

Picture: Brian McEvoy

Although the 30-year-olds supported their brother immensely while he competed in the show, Ryan thinks that the public’s support was hugely important.

“I think that it’s important that the public vote and that’s exactly what happened. It was amazing to have that from them, so thank you to the public,” he said.

Ryan, Scott and Adam flew over with their friend, Ross Worswick, to promote his new The Couture Club store and it was clear that the brothers are huge fans of the brand.

Picture: Brian McEvoy

“It’s amazing, I thought the one in the Traff Centre was good but this one has just led the way. It’s got two floors, the range area is just unbelievable and the women’s section is just brilliant as well. Yeah, we’re really happy to be here,” Adam said.

“We’re friends of the brand. We’ve watched it grow, we’ve seen them packing boxes, we’ve seen them from the start. They’re always dedicated, they’re always part and parcel of what comes with the job,” Ryan added.

“Hands on…they’re from Manchester and we’re very proud of them,” he continued.

Picture: Brian McEvoy

“I would say you can wear it on any occasion, whether it be daywear, nightwear. I mean everything is streetwear anyway now and night’s out and stuff like that,” Scott stated, speaking of the brand’s style.

“Couture Club are very much in-tune with what their audience wants and I think they’ve absolutely smashed it with the range,” he concluded.



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