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EXCLUSIVE! Love Island’s Zara McDermott ‘felt like everyone in the UK hated her’ after leaving the villa

The reality star has opened up about the negativity


Zara McDermott has revealed that she felt “everyone in the UK hated” her when she first left the Love Island villa.

Speaking to Goss.ie about life since the show came to an end, Zara said, “When I first left the villa I felt like everyone in the UK hated me. To be honest it was really really hard.”

“In the villa, I wasn’t one of the girls who always spoke my mind and I wasn’t as confident as the other girls I think that all came across as a bit sly.”

“I don’t know I think it came across in the wrong way and it was never intended, I’m just not as extravagant as the other girls in the villa and I felt like I got a bit lost in that.”

The 22-year-old met her boyfriend Adam Collard in the villa, and explained how their relationship came across negatively on screen.

“When I came out of the villa there was a lot of negativity about me not speaking or me just silently stealing Adam,” she said. “I think a lot me wasn’t shown and that’s what I found most shocking.”

Zara also commented on Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham brief split, which hit headlines earlier this month.

“I’ve learned to not take in what is said in the press too deeply but also obviously I was a bit shocked that they’d split I never saw it coming,” Zara said.

“When I saw Dani’s story I was surprised, but when she said they were back together a couple days later I just realised, do you know what us girls do act on impulse sometimes, we say things we shouldn’t say, we post and I think everyone does it.”

“She probably just thought oh god I’m done, walked out and put that up and tried to get her own back on him I assume. I don’t know but I mean we’d all be lying if we said we haven’t done something on impulse in the past,” she added.

We chatted to Zara ahead of the Love Island: Christmas Reunion, which you can watch on the Virgin Media Player right here