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EXCLUSIVE! Love Island’s Megan Barton-Hanson reveals the one other reality show she’d LOVE to do

The reality star met her beau on Love Island

Picture: Brian McEvoy

Love Island‘s Megan Barton-Hanson has revealed the one other reality show she’s love to do.

We caught up with the television star and her boyfriend, Wes Nelson, at the Virgin Media Television Spring Launch and the 24-year-old revealed the one other programme she’d love to star in.

While Megan told us that she would never be able to compete in a show like Dancing on Ice, which Wes is currently on, the star exclusively told Goss.ie: “Nothing like that, I’ve got no ordination. I’ve got so lazy, nothing like that, maybe I’m a Celebrity, I’d love to do that or something a bit more chill.”

Meanwhile, Wes is busy training for the skating competition and although he missed out on some practice sessions to enjoy a getaway with Megan, the reality star feels like that hasn’t effected him within the competition.

Picture: Brian McEvoy

Wes told us that while he is focusing on the competition, it’s not as important as his relationship and family life: “No, because I think there is a balance you’ve got to find. Obviously me and Megan are always going to be a priority in every context. Obviously your career is very important and Dancing on Ice, well that is my career at the moment.”

“So it’s extremely important to me, obviously as a young person, I want to do well. I want to have a prosperous career, but at the same time I want to balance that with my life with Megan, with my life at home, my social life and things like that.”

“So, it’s important to have a break from things. You can’t be going at 110 miles an hour all the time and not have time for things that actually really matter at the end of it. It’s not really something that I regret at all and I’m doing alright as it is. I’m putting in loads of hours, so why not have a good time.”

The reality star also revealed that he is quite nervous about the competition: “I am very nervous, yeah! So prior to going on there I was pretty confident because I’m quite an athletic person. But then when I got there and you see all the people and then you see the ratings for the first show, I’m like ‘oh god, this is a big thing.’ But yeah, it’s alright.”

Picture: Brian McEvoy

“It’s a lot of hard work, like a lot harder that I anticipated previously, but it’s going really well. Training hard, back is hurting, feet are hurting, legs hurting. Meg’s heard all of it! She keeps calling me princess because coming to here and I’m aching like this.”

“I’m like ‘Aw what’s hurting this week princess? You okay princess?’ No, but he is training so, so hard and he’s so competitive, I’m sure he’ll do really well,” Megan added jokingly.

Meanwhile, the 24-year-old has been quite vocal about being comfortable in your own skin and has promoted body confidence on her social media platforms.

When asked about her decision to spread the message of body confidence to her fans, Megan said: “I think mental health is on the rise and with Instagram it’s always like everyone’s highlights and I think it’s important with my platform to let girls know that you don’t need to go to the gym every day. Just be comfortable in the skin you’re in.”

Picture: Brian McEvoy

“I think a lot of the time I always used to compare myself with other people on social media and now being in the spotlight I have girls messaging me being like ‘oh my god you’re amazing, you’re amazing.’ But I didn’t want them just to see the good highlights, I wanted them to see the days where I am insecure, where people put nasty comments.”

While Megan and Wes met on the U.K. version of Love Island, the couple are excited to see the new international versions which will air on Virgin Media Television later this year.

“I can’t wait for the American one. It’s going to be so good,” Megan said.

“It’s going to be massive and they always like to do things big over there don’t they. We did it pretty big over here, but I imagine that’s going to be monstrous,” Wes added.

You can check out Megan and Wes’ interview below: