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EXCLUSIVE: Love Island star opens up about being offered money for sex on Instagram

The 22-year-old was first propositioned before she entered the villa


Love Island star Tyne-Lexy Clarson has opened up about being offered money for sex and companionship on Instagram.

A recent programme broadcast by the BBC revealed that the 22-year-old was among stars propositioned on the social media platform.

“It’s high-end prostitution – it’s just scary to think if they’ve messaged me, they’ve probably sent it to thousands of pretty girls on Instagram,” she told the broadcaster.


The programme reported the star was 19 when she was first offered £20,000 in exchange for dinner and drinks.

After she featured on the third series of Love Island an agency then offered her £50,000 for 5 nights in Dubai.

The offer is said to have contained a non-disclosure agreement, which said the details of what she would have to do in return for the large sum would be kept confidential.


The 22-year-old said that while she refused the offer, she has fears that other young women may feel pressure to “keep up appearances” and participate in these transactions.

“It’s a lot of money for some people, it’s life-changing amounts of money,” she said.

Speaking exclusively to Goss.ie, the Sky Sports presenter revealed that while she wasn’t personally affected by the nature of the messages, she feels it is dangerous for young girls to take up offers.

“The messages didn’t really affect me personally cause I just ignore them but obviously it’s dangerous for girls out there that do take people up on the offer,” she said.


“Us as agents and managers have a responsibility to these young people, there are too many rogue talent agents popping up, luring reality stars with false promises,” her agent Sue Sheridan said

“I personally have seen these disgraceful messages sent to my clients however not all reality stars have representation they can go to.”

The blonde from Birmingham entered the Love Island villa in 2017 on day 7 as a bombshell.

She did not couple up with any of the boys and left on day 14.