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EXCLUSIVE! Liam Reardon reveals where he stands with Millie Court after their split: ‘There’s still a lot of feelings there’

Liam Reardon has revealed where he stands with Millie Court after their recent split.

The former couple shot to fame after winning the 2021 series of Love Island, but they sadly called it quits in July.

Speaking exclusively to at the TRND BTY Christmas Bash on Tuesday, Liam admitted “there are still a lot of feelings there”.

When asked how he’s been since the breakup, the Welshman said: “[I’ve been] okay. A lot better now. It’s been a tough couple of months.”

“Going through a breakup is difficult anyway, but when you’re in the spotlight it’s even harder. Everyone wants to know your business, they feel like they’re involved, and it’s difficult.”

“But throughout, me and Millie have remained friends. We’ve been amicable and I have the utmost respect towards Millie… We still speak. We’re still friends. Nothing bad happened.”

“I have the utmost respect for her and there’s still a lot of feelings there and a lot of care there. So we still remain friends but are just doing our own thing.”

When asked if he regrets ending things with Millie, Liam replied: “No. At that time, I just needed to focus on myself. It was nothing on Millie, she was amazing. She’s such a lovely girl and we were great together. I just needed time on my own to focus on myself.”

The 23-year-old continued: “We were together because we wanted to be together. I’ve seen so many things saying you have to sign a contract to be together for a year, and that’s nonsense. I moved from Wales to live in Essex to be with Millie.”

“I wouldn’t do that for some contract, I did it because I wanted to. It didn’t work out at that time, who knows what the future holds I’m not sure. But for now, we remain friends.”

Check out our exclusive interview with Liam below:

We caught up with Liam at Online Beauty Destination TRNDBTY’s Christmas Bash at Dundrum Town Centre on Tuesday evening.

The Welsh heartthrob grabbed his skates and joined guests at Dundrum On Ice for a glide around the frosty rink, bejewelled with twinkling lights and festive finery.

Guests then headed to the Après Skate Party for an evening of banging tunes, bespoke cocktails and canapés at The Flying Duck Restaurant in Harvey Nichols – Dundrum’s newest glamorous music, food & theatre venue.


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