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EXCLUSIVE! Binky Felstead reveals how she deals with online trolls – ‘I’m quite a strong character’

The reality star regularly posts on social media

Pic: Brian McEvoy

We caught up with Binky Felstead at the launch of Jenny Glow Perfumes and chatted about how she deals with online trolls.

The mother-of-one also opened up about motherhood and revealed that she was “quite scared about being a young parent.”

Speaking of Jenny Glow Perfumes, Binky said:”I’m very excited to be here at the Jenny Glow launch which is a beautiful perfume with 27 scents. My favourite scent is Dark Amber.”

“I am a massive fan of scent anyway to be honest. If there is a hot guy or a hot girl that walks past with something on I’m going to go up to them and ask them what they’re wearing.”

Pic: Brian McEvoy

Binky told us how she deals with online trolls and negativity online: “Luckily I’m quite a strong character, I don’t let anything really affect me too much unless it’s horrific, but I haven’t really had many horrific comments, thank god.”

“Touch wood I don’t get any. But I love to name and shame, if there’s a stupid comment I’ll publicly humiliate them and I’ve got my little tribe of Binky fans that attack them, so it’s great. I don’t have to do too much.”

The reality star shares one-year-old daughter, India with fellow former Made In Chelsea star, Josh ‘JP’ Patterson and revealed what is the most important thing she has learnt since becoming a mother.

“I think to be kind to yourself and to not let other people’s opinions bother you.”


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Speaking of India, Binky said: “She is the most amazing, happy, slightly trantrum-y baby now we’re getting to terrible twos, I’m quite scared. But honestly I’m just amazed, she’s just amazing I love her so much.”


The 28-year-old also revealed that she was originally scared of being a young parent, but she finds it amazing: “I think I’ve always been fairly maternal growing up. I’ve always loved kids so it hasn’t been a massive dramatic shock. I have loved it more than I thought I was going to I think.”

“I think I was quite scared about being a young parent. But it’s actually been really fun and I’ve just loved every second. It has it’s tough days as anything does but yeah, it’s been amazing.”

Binky is on the cover of the latest Women’s Health magazine and regularly shares snippets of her fitness routine, so the she told us how she maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Pic: Brian McEvoy

“I make it into my routine. I always make sure I work out in the morning. It’s not a quick fix, you just got to somehow turn it into a lifestyle thing. So exercising and eating healthy, allowing yourself cheat days is all doable. So yeah, it’s kind of working for me at the moment.”

Binky and India are both part of her best friend and Made In Chelsea star, Louise Thompson’s upcoming wedding, as Binky is maid of honour and her daughter is the flower girl.

When asked if the preparations have already started, the mother-of-one said: “Yes, I saw Louise last week for dinner and we had a big chat about what’s going to happen.”

“I think there are so many weddings of her friends’ that are happening this year that she’s kind of like ‘where do I start?’ I think she’s very busy at the moment so I’ll be there for as much as she needs, but she takes things into her own hands so I’m not sure I’ll be that much help to be honest.”

Pic: Brian McEvoy

Binky found fame on Made In Chelsea in 2011 and departed the programme after falling pregnant in 2017 and the 28-year-old told us that she doesn’t plan on returning to reality television.

“It depends what show it is. I don’t know if I’d go back to reality, I’m not sure. It depends what it is and it depends if it works around my schedule and India’s schedule.”

When asked if she would ever take part in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Binky replied: “I don’t think I could eat that stuff. The tasks I’d be good with, it’s just the eating I couldn’t deal with.”

Check out Binky’s interview below:

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