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Ed Sheeran reveals the stage name he almost used

Ed Sheeran has revealed he almost used the stage name ‘Redward’.

During his early career, the singer thought his own name looked strange on posters and  wanted to change to the stage name, which was a tribute to his red hair.

Speaking on the Off Menu podcast with Ed Gamble and James Acaster, the 30-year-old explained: “When I was like 16, 17 or maybe it was 18, I considered changing it to Redward. Then Jedward came on X Factor and I was like I’m so happy I didn’t.”


Ed is now friends with Irish twins John and Edward Grimes (Jedward), after he randomly drove past them in Vancouver one day.

The father-of-one recalled: “I rolled down my window, I was like ‘Jedward,’ and then I picked them up and took them to my hotel room. Instantly I was like ‘oh f*ck, what have I let myself in for – because they were going on Google and showing me signed Justin Timberlake CDs.”

“And they were like ‘we’re going to order this one and we’re going to order this one too. What do you think about this, Ed?’ And I was like, ‘guys, I need a sleep,’ so I went to my room and fell asleep and then they left and I didn’t see them again for a while.”

Picture Andres Poveda

Ed met Jedward again at a Beatles event, and described the pair as “really sweet”.

He said: “I did a Beatles event and Paul McCartney was at it and I was meant to hang with him afterwards, but I said no to go hang with Jedward. They’re really sweet.”

“Jedward have become friends of mine and I love Jedward.”


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