Ed Sheeran reveals when he’ll start European tour

The musician hasn't toured since 2015

Ed Sheeran has revealed that he will start touring again in March.

The singer dropped not one but two new songs this month from his new album, Divide – and now there’s more good news for fans.

Speaking about his tour, he confirmed he would starting his Divide tour in “March. Pretty soon after the album.

Ed Sheeran performs at Vicar Street

Tour: Ed will begin his Divide tour in March 2017 | VIPIRELAND.COM

Ed hasn’t any set tour dates yet but he will begin touring Europe in March – and dates will be released soon.

“I don’t know when we’re coming with dates but I know we’re coming with dates soon,” he told MTV.

“I know it definitely starts in March, in Europe.”

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Collaborate: Ed would love to work with Beyoncé again | YOUTUBE

The musician also revealed that he would love to collaborate with Beyoncé and has worked with her before.

“I’ve done some live stuff with Beyoncé but I’d love to do a song song, like an original song,” he explained.

“We did a really cool thing at a Stevie Wonder show and then I went on and sang ‘Drunk In Love’ at her show but that’s it, I’d love to do an original song with her.”