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Dua Lipa tweets about ditching toxic people after her boyfriend was ‘caught cheating’

The singer's boyfriend was filmed grinding on a woman at G-A-Y


Dua Lipa has tweeted about ditching toxic people, after he boyfriend was allegedly caught getting close to another woman.

The tweet comes after the singer’s boyfriend was reportedly filmed dancing with another woman at G-A-Y nightclub in London on Saturday evening – as Dua’s hit song One Kiss played in the background.

“You should keep your friends and loved ones close,” Dua wrote, “Trust your gut and go with your instinct.”

“Never let go of the people that are nothing but honest with you, that have ur best interest at heart with no strings attached. Love them with everything you have bc they deserve the world.”

The singer and her boyfriend Issac got back together earlier this year, after they split in 2017 following a two-year relationship.

While she is touring the US at the moment, the famous singer shared a follow on tweet that read, “Love is the most wonderful thing in the world. Don’t be afraid to love with all you’ve got.”

“When it doesn’t go your way its not the end it just builds you up for your perfect future. It’s waiting for you 💗💗💗.”

The chart topper also replied to a fan who said her biggest fear is letting go of people.

Dua said, “Oh my darling I think a bigger fear is allowing yourself to stay around toxic people for too long.”

“You’ll recognise the good ones its obvious they’ll warn you about the bad ones. Trust them even if its the hardest thing you do,” she added.