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Dua Lipa opens up about the dangerous side of social media: ‘It messed with my mental health’

The singer labelled cancel culture "dangerous and toxic"


Dua Lipa has opened up about the dangerous side of social media.

The singer labelled cancel culture “dangerous and toxic”, and admitted that online criticism “messed with” her mental health.

Speaking to Attitude, the 25-year-old said: “I think there is so much judgement and meanness.

“Cancel culture is so dangerous and toxic. Being funny is the greatest currency, even if it’s at the expense of somebody else.”

“That tends to happen a lot with social media,” she explained.

“Being funny and getting likes and retweets seems to be more important than actually caring about who is going to be on the other side of it and how they feel.

“There should be a communal understanding that people make mistakes, and we should learn from each other’s mistakes and we should try to teach each other.”

“For a short period of time it messed with my mental health,” she recalled.

“I’d go out on stage and if somebody was filming me, in my head… I was like: ‘They’re going to film it so they can laugh at me.'”

Speaking about the Be Kind social media movement, Dua added: “Some people are thinking about it a little bit more before they say things.

“I think people are trying to be more accepting and understanding, but at the same time, the internet is a (weird) place, because you can hide behind a screen and you can say whatever you want.”

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