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Dr Alex George to honour late brother with plans to add mental health awareness to school curriculum

The Love Island star tragically lost his younger brother in July


Dr Alex George has revealed his plans to add mental health awareness to the school curriculum, after the tragic death of his younger brother.

The Love Island star revealed that Llyr had passed away in July at the age of 19, following a battle with his mental health.

Speaking on Sky News today, Alex opened up about his plans to help other young people struggling with their mental health – saying: “We’re losing far too many people to suicide.”

Alex with his brother Llyr

“I think it’s important to move on with some element of purpose,” he shared.

“I want to change curriculums at school to have more support around mental health and make sure children are taught at a young age and leave with a mental health tool kit for themselves.”

Opening up about men’s mental health, Alex admitted there were “lots of factors” as to why male suicide rates are so high.

“Society places a sort of pressure: ‘Man up, be tough, you’ll be fine,'” he explained.

“There’s an expectation of men not to share their emotions. I know it’s said, but men are far more likely to take their own lives than women.

“The way we can change that is through education. That is just as important as maths and science. If you’re not happy and functioning well, what’s the point learning the other stuff?”

Alex said people should trust their “gut feeling” if unsure how someone is doing mentally, and to reach out to help them.


“Often people withdraw themselves from others,” he explained, “I try to advise people to use the ask twice idea.

“That second invitation is a meaningful invite to say: ‘I’m having a really bad day'”.

Alex previously admitted he felt “tremendous guilt” over the loss of his brother, and that he would “never get over” the death.

In his first TV appearance since the tragedy, Alex opened up about how he was coping with the loss – speaking to Lorraine on ITV earlier this month.


“I felt tremendous guilt instantly,” he admitted.

“You know, I’m the older brother, I always wanted to protect him, look after him. I thought, ‘What could I have done differently?’”

Alex on Love Island