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Dr Alex George returns to social media after taking a break to grieve his younger brother

The Love Island star took time off to focus on his mental health


Dr Alex George has returned to social media after taking a break to grieve the tragic death of his younger brother Llyr.

The Love Island star revealed that Llyr had passed away in July, following a battle with his mental health.

In August, Alex told his Instagram followers that he would be focusing on friends, family and his mental health while he took a few weeks off the online world.

Returning to the platform on Monday, Alex wrote: “Hi everyone – I am back. Taking some reflective time offline these last few weeks was really important for me.”

“I have been spending time with my family and friends, living in the present and trying to focus on the things that matter most.

“Working in A&E has also been a helpful focus, the love and support from my friends and colleagues has meant the world to me and I am thankful to them all.

“I’m sure there will be ups and downs to come but I am glad to be back on here – this community we have built together means a lot to me and I am grateful for you all. Let’s do this ????”

Alex with his brother Llyr

It’s been two weeks since Alex left social media, announcing he was taking a break in a candid Instagram post.

He wrote at the time: “I have decided to take a few weeks off social media. With everything that’s happened it’s important for my mental health that I take some time offline.

“I am focusing on my family and friends as well as looking after myself. I’m also going to spend some time thinking and working on a few projects that are close to my heart.

“Without doubt A&E will continue to keep me busy too. Thank you for your support and see you all in a few weeks ???? Stay safe and be kind to yourselves ????

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