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Dr Alex George admits working on the frontline amid the pandemic is ‘tough’ – as Covid cases surge

The Love Island star says the sudden rise in Covid-19 numbers has put extra pressure on the NHS staff


Dr Alex George has admitted working on the frontline amid the pandemic is “tough”, as Covid cases surge.

The Love Island star has been working at the A&E department in London’s University Hospital Lewisham, and said the NHS staff are “exhausted”.

During an appearance on Monday’s Lorraine show, the 30-year-old said: “There’s growing pressures, growing numbers, I think there’s a great concern how many patients are being admitted to hospital.”

“I hate to be negative, but we are finding it tough to be honest. In the last week or so, we’ve had times when we’re really been at the game stick in terms of space and capacity.

“We have some room for expansion but there’s always a limit,” he added.

“We need to be so careful and reduce how many cases there are and the spread of this virus. We don’t want to see a situation where we have to turn people away from intensive care.”

“It’s a big part of what’s tough at the moment. First time around we were all very energised, now there are more staff with Covid, burned out. It’s gone on for a longer period of time.

“We do have a good arsenal, good treatments. We are in a position where we can at least have optimism, there is a way out.

“Having that light at the end of the tunnel, you can feel that in the work place. Back in March and April, we didn’t know when this would end.”

“When you’ve seen people die of this horrible virus, to see a vaccine being rolled out that can protect people and save their lives, it chokes you up a bit,” Alex added.


The healthcare professional also opened up about the importance of looking taking care of our mental health amid the pandemic, following the death of his younger brother Llyr last year.

“What I’d say to everyone right now is to look after yourself, look after each other.

“A lot of people have spent Christmas home alone. Keep your chin up, we will get through but do ask for help if you are struggling.”

After spending Christmas working on the frontline, Alex urged his followers to follow government guidelines and to “do their bit”.

Sharing a photo to Instagram, Alex wrote: “Guys things are pretty rough at the moment. I would say at least as bad as March in the hospital.”

“We need to brace ourselves over the next few months and make sure we are each doing our bit. We will get through it but at the moment it’s time for us all to focus and do our best to control the spread.

“Big thanks to everyone as always, this isn’t easy but we will beat this virus and navigate to better times 👊💙”.


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