Denise Van Outen admits lockdown broke her year long sobriety

The TV presenter has confessed she "fell off the wagon"


Denise Van Outen has opened up about breaking her year long sobriety while in lockdown.

The actress admitted that she “massively fell off the wagon” over a three-week period during quarantine.

“I did have a three-week period in lockdown where everything went out the window,” she told the Daily Mail.


“I spent a year sober,” the 46-year-old confessed, “I didn’t have a drink for a year – not because I had a problem with drinking so it wasn’t an issue but I stopped drinking for a year.”

“But then I massively fell off the wagon and drank and drank and ate all the things I shouldn’t.”

The West-End star stated that although she had a “brilliant time”, she told her husband Eddie Boxshall that she needed to stop.

“By about the third week of doing that I said to Eddie, ‘I need to be good again now.’ I had a brilliant time but I thought I couldn’t be doing this.”


The Celebrity Gogglebox star previously admitted that her relationship with alcohol changed after a foot injury.

“I broke my foot and it really had a negative effect on my life. I was all geared up for doing Chicago, and I was gutted to have to pull out.”

“I was so miserable, I put on weight and I lost my confidence,” she told Closer magazine, “It got to the point where I just thought, ‘I don’t want to feel like this, I want to go into my late forties feeling fit, healthy and amazing’, so I started to make a lot of changes.”

“I’ve done the party girl thing – I partied so hard in my 20s and 30s,” she added. “It’s not for me anymore – if I’d have carried on partying hard now into my 40s, it would have been quite tragic really.”

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