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Dawn O’Porter shares secret battle with Covid-19

Dawn O’Porter has revealed she contracted Covid-19.

The Scottish writer took to Instagram on Saturday to share a post she wrote at the beginning on the pandemic, one year prior.

The 42-year-old wrote at the time: “Looks like I’ll be getting home to my babies by the skin of my death. Feeling lucky.”

“What a weird week of seismic change and emotion. I wouldn’t have risked coronavirus for anyone else, but GET ME HOME.”


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A post shared by Dawn O’Porter (@hotpatooties)

Dawn captioned the post: “From this time last year. The irony of this post is I actually did get Covid.”

“We knew so little, now we know too much. We’ve all been through so much, but the end is in sight. A whole year. What the hell. My God.”

“Hang on in there, the roaring 20s are on their way,” she added.

Dawn, her husband Chris O’Dowd and their two sons Art and Valentine live in Los Angeles, which has had over 1.21 million Covid cases so far.

Chris and Dawn

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