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Dawn O’Porter feared she ‘wouldn’t get back to her babies’ in the US amid coronavirus outbreak

The author flew to the UK this week for Caroline Flack's funeral

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for US-Ireland Alliance )

Dawn O’Porter thought she wouldn’t get back to her children in the US, as Donald Trump announced travel restrictions in the early hours of this morning.

The book author travelled to the UK this week to attend her friend Caroline Flack’s funeral, and feared she may be stuck there amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Early this morning, the US President announced travel restrictions on 26 European countries in a bid to combat the spread of the virus – but thankfully the UK wasn’t included.

Dawn hasn’t been very active on social media since the tragic death of Caroline last month, but took to her Instagram Story today to update her followers.


Sitting in London’s Heathrow Airport, Dawn said: “So I wasn’t sure I’d ever Instagram Story again, after the events of the last month…”

“I flew back to London this week to do, the thing. And now, after what has been… I’ve felt like I’ve been living in a movie… Coronavirus!”

“Just trying to get back to my babies, I feel so lucky that I’m able to get back,” Dawn continued. “I was watching Trump talk live at 1 o’clock this morning just being like, what is going on? So anyway, thank god I was booked on a flight today, the UK isn’t restricted yet.”

Dawn lives in Los Angeles with her Irish actor husband Chris O’Dowd, and the couple share two young children.

“I hope that you’re all somewhere that you should be, not separated from your families, and I’m really sorry if you are. This is such a strange situation, like what is happening, are we in a movie?”

Dawn then sweetly added that she felt like Caroline had a part to play in getting her home.

“I also feel like Caroline’s getting me home to my babies,” she said, before joking, “There’s no one else I would have risked getting coronavirus for.”