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Dani Dyer hits out at Jack Fincham for openly discussing their sex life

The 22-year-old was not happy about her the reality star's comments

Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer

Dani Dyer hit out Jack Fincham for openly discussing their sex life.

The couple announced their split on Friday, four months after leaving Love Island.

While the pair seem to be on good terms, as they joked on Instagram together last night; an interview that Dani took part in before their split has since revealed that she was not at all happy about the 27-year-old opening up about their sex life.

Just last month Jack did a tell-all interview with The Sun, in which he said the first time he went to bed with Dani “wasn’t a great performance from me.”

“To be fair, we love it now. It’s amazing, if you want the truth. We waited till after the show. You’ve got to remember our families are watching and stuff.”

“We know we’ve got to go round their houses, and it’s something I’d rather they’d not know I’ve been doing. I mean I wouldn’t invite my mum in my bedroom and go ‘look what I’m up to’. I’d rather wait for that kind of thing,” he joked.

It has now been revealed that Dani was quite annoyed about her boyfriend’s comments, as she told You Magazine that “he was talking s**t.”

“People seem to want to know what we are getting up to of a night-time but this is our life, not some sort of sex-education class,” the reality star said.

“No, nothing nudey, no bits hanging out. That’s for Jack. And my own sanity,” she continued, speaking of posting risqué photos online.

The 22-year-old also told the publication that Jack was “the one”, just days before she announced their split.

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