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Curtis Pritchard’s friend insists the dancer DIDN’T ‘cheat’ on Maura Higgins with Amber Pierson

Curtis' pal believes the claims are a "smear campaign" created by his ex

Maura and her ex Curtis | Instagram

Curtis Pritchard’s friend has insisted the dancer didn’t “cheat” on Maura Higgins with his new love Amber Pierson.

Earlier this week, the 24-year-old was pictured kissing fellow professional dancer Amber – just months after she denied claims that they hooked up behind Maura’s back.

After the photos hit headlines, Maura cryptically tweeted: “The truth always comes out in the end.”

A source close to Maura also told MailOnline: “This is a massive kick in the teeth to Maura as she did have her suspicions and believes now she should have trusted her gut feeling at the time.”

However, Curtis’ ‘friend’ has since told the outlet that the cheating claims are untrue, and alleged that they served as a “diversion” from rumours that circulated about Maura’s relationship with her Dancing On Ice partner Alexander Demetriou.

The insider said: “The claims earlier this year that Curtis was with Amber whilst still with Maura were simply a tactical diversion by her to take the heat off the rumours circulating about the close relationship she had with her dance partner Alex.”

Alexander and his wife Carlotta Edwards split earlier this year, amid rumours surrounding his close relationship with Maura.

But the Irish beauty has always insisted their friendship was purely platonic.


Speaking about Curtis’ romance with Amber, the friend continued: “They toured together without any form of spark, it was only afterwards that this occurred.”

“Any suggestion otherwise is just a smear campaign by Maura to cause harm to Curtis and cause him further upset and hurt,” they claimed.


“The truth will all come out in time, but we all back Curtis and support his version of events. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw bricks!”

Curtis was first linked to Amber earlier this year, but at the time they both insisted they were just friends.

Maura announced her split from Curtis in early March, and a few days later Amber released a statement on her Instagram Story addressing her relationship with Curtis – after an anonymous Twitter account alleged they had seen them kissing.


She wrote: “I didn’t want to speak out about this, but I feel I have to as I have been receiving a few abusive messages recently regarding what’s been in the papers.”

“To be very clear, Curtis and I have never been together. We are simply friends and dance partners! There are 13 dancers going on tour, and I am one of them.”

“The ‘cheating’ allegations this week are out of the blue and are complete lies. I wanted no part in this but what I will say is Curtis is genuinely a lovely and talented guy, who doesn’t deserve any of this,” she added.

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