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Cheryl reveals Sarah Harding’s final wish before her tragic death

Cheryl has revealed Sarah Harding’s final wish before her tragic death.

The Girls Aloud star tragically passed away on September 5, 2021 at the age of 39, after being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer back in 2020.

On Wednesday, the singer’s former bandmates announced they are hosting charity ball next month in her honour.

Ahead of the ball, Cheryl spoke to Vogue about one of the last times she saw Sarah.

She said: “In the days leading up to the last time we would meet, Sarah came to spend a few days with me. She spoke so highly of and with such gratitude for those who had helped her through her medical journey. And of how much comfort they had brought her, and moments of joy. She was so grateful!”

“I asked her over and over again how we could help. Was there anything she truly wanted or needed? Finally she said to me: ‘I would love you to create an evening, a gala of some kind for me. If I am here and can attend I will be able to thank those who have helped me through all of this, and pay that forward in a way that will help others when I’m gone.'”

“Unfortunately that wasn’t to be. Eight weeks later, Sarah passed.”

Cheryl said she and the rest of her bandmates their rallied together “to make sure we made Sarah’s last wish come true”.

The Primrose Ball, presented by Fearne Cotton, will be held on October 8 in London, with Johnny Gould hosting a live auction on the night.

The gala event will raise money for the Christie NHS Foundation Trust and Cancer Research UK, as part of the Sarah Harding Breast Cancer Appeal.

The Sarah Harding Breast Cancer Appeal’s aims to fund research to identify new ways to predict which young women, with no family history of breast cancer, are likely to develop the disease, ensuring people can be identified earlier when treatment is more likely to be successful.

Cheryl explained: “Our aim is to fund a study headed up by Sarah’s oncologist, which will look at why so many women are suffering this terrible ordeal so young, without any previous genetic markers. This vital understanding would not only help but potentially prevent others like Sarah from suffering the torment she did.”

The singer went on to remember Sarah “before her illness”, telling Vogue: “Her fun, bubbly side, her close-to-the-edge risky side, and her deeply soft and vulnerable side are some of the intricacies that made up Sarah in all of her glory.”

“In the last few days spent with her, we got to laugh, cry, reminisce, cook, watch spiritual programmes (our shared love) and pray together. Those are the parts I will keep in my heart as I let the illness recede into the background.”

“Now I want to commemorate her by helping to give thanks to those who kept her going in her darkest of days and nights. The darkest nights create the brightest stars.”

Pictures: G. McDonnell / VIPIRELAND.COM

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