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Charlotte Crosby ‘wishes she never went down the plastic surgery route’ after having implants removed

The reality star recently had her breast implants taken out


Charlotte Crosby has admitted that she regrets going down the plastic surgery route, after having her breast implants removed.

The 29-year-old recently went under the knife for a breast reduction, after she started experiencing shooting pains.

Speaking to New! magazine after her surgery, Charlotte said: “I’m feeling great. It feels amazing. I just feel, like, normal again. ‘I feel so much more [confident].”

“It’s definitely changed my outlook. You shouldn’t change things about yourself that you’re happy with just to try to fit in.”


“I was perfectly happy with the size of my boobs before I got them done. I got swept away by the pressure to make myself look perfect. I really wish I’d never gone down that route,” she said.

Charlotte got her breast implants taken out, after a doctor told her that her body was rejecting the implants – which can happen gradually.

The MTV star has thankfully avoided any further damage, but will have to wait until she is fully recovered from surgery to be given the all clear.

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