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Charlotte Crosby SLAMS Celebrity Coach Trip’s Brendan Sheerin for claiming she wasn’t ‘involved’ in every activity

The reality star hit out at the tour guide for his comments


Charlotte Crosby slammed Celebrity Coach Trip‘s Brendan Sheerin for claiming that she wasn’t “involved” in every activity on the show.

The reality star and her boyfriend, Joshua Ritchie, participated in the celeb show last year and after watching an episode last night, Charlotte was not happy about the tour guide’s comments.

The 28-year-old took to Instagram to lash out at Brendan’s remark, as she said: “Right, I’m about to have a rant and it’s a really bad one.”

“So, we just caught up on Coach Trip and Brendan… Brendan at one point said it’s a shame to see the boys go as they got involved in all the activities, unlike Charlotte and Josh.”


“What? Is that a joke? I have done every single god damn activity. I was black and blue in bruises of being involved in every single activity on that god damn coach.”

“So, Brendan, you better just check that memory if yours as you got it wrong,” Charlotte claimed.

“It didn’t show my submarine diving. They didn’t show me doing it. They cut me out!”

The 28-year-old’s comments come after she hit out at several men online for negatively commenting about her looks on social media.


“Grown men typing on the computer about a young girl. That is probably the least gentlemanly thing I have ever witnessed. Like, you wanna be ashamed of yourselves,” she said on Instagram, as she also shared the comments the online trolls said about her.