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Celebrity Big Brother’s Rodrigo Alves arrested in Berlin

The television personality documented the entire thing


Celebrity Big Brother‘s, Rodrigo Alves A.K.A The Human Ken Doll, was arrested in Berlin.

The 35-year-old was on the side of a street recording a programme for a German television station, when police appeared and asked to see everyone’s ID.

Rodrigo, who is Brazilian, failed to show valid ID as he was only carrying an old passport with him.


The television personality recorded the experience on Instagram, as he showed the police men chatting to crew members about his ID.

“The general police just stopped me, so now my general producer is just talking to them. They wanted to check my passport, which they did. Now I have to go to the British embassy,” he explained.

Rodrigo then showed police putting handcuffs on him, while he said: “I’m just getting arrested in Berlin right now because I’m out filming and obviously the police stopped you.”

“I’m carrying my old passport, I forgot my new passport. Now they will take me to the police and the British embassy,” he continued.


“All the paperwork for filming was fine, but I was arrested because I was accidentally carrying my old expired passport and not my new one,” he told MailOnline

“It was not possible for the police to Face ID me because I now look so different to the photo. Someone had to bring a scan of my new passport for me to be released,” the 35-year-old explained.

Rodrigo’s arrest comes two months after he was removed from the CBB HOUSE for alleged serious inappropriate behaviour.