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Casa Amor rejects reveal who is game playing on Love Island

"You hope people wouldn’t play games."


Love Island stars have revealed who they think is playing the biggest game on the show.

Casa Amor is officially done, and the entries who were not chosen to couple up have left South Africa.

Upon returning to the UK, villa rejects spoke to The Sun about their time on the show – and labeled Demi and Mike as the biggest game players.


George Day, Josh Kempton, Alexi Ercalides, Biggs Chris, Jamie McCann and Jade Affleck left Casa Amor this week.

Josh said: “I think Mike seemed to be playing a game. I didn’t get the impression that any of the girls trusted him.”

“When he came back to the villa with Priscilla, Shaughna’s face was priceless as if she was thinking, ‘I told you so, he’s not trustworthy’!”


Alexi said he has doubts about Demi. The naked butler thinks that her singular mindset about wanting to be with Nas is part of a plan.

He said: “I think with Demi, there may be a bit of a game plan… I think to have your mind just set on Nas and Nas only, she put everything on him.”

“Coming in knowing he was the nation’s sweetheart, he’s very popular, I was just questioning that. I could be right, I could be wrong, I just had a little feeling about that.”


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As well as highlighting the alleged game players among the original islanders, the Casa Amor rejects identified one of their own as someone who might not just be looking for love.

Jade said: “I definitely think Natalia’s playing a game. If Luke M asked you to cuddle him, you’d cuddle him wouldn’t you?”

Jamie agreed, saying: “I don’t think Natalia really likes Luke M. She did say she takes time to get to know people.

“But I think he was really, really trying with her and I don’t know if she was giving as much back. But it’s really hard to tell. You hope people wouldn’t play games.”