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Bridgerton’s Claudia Jessie says her character is ‘going to be pissed’ about Lady Whistledown’s identity

Bridgerton’s Claudia Jessie has admitted her Bridgerton character is “going to be pissed” when she discovers Lady Whistledown’s identity.

The actress stars as Eloise Bridgerton in the hit period drama, which is set in 19th century London.

Julie Andrews narrates the eight-part series as Lady Whistledown, an anonymous writer who’s regular column details the most scandalous gossip in the world of Regency London high society.

Claudia’s character turns detective in the series, as she is determined to uncover Lady Whistleton’s identity, with the finale finally unveiling to viewers who is behind the gossip column.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, the 31-year-old admitted she couldn’t wait to see her character’s reaction to who the mystery writer is in the upcoming second season of the show.

“She is going to be pissed! I just can’t imagine what that is going to be like. That’s such a shock to a friendship,” she said.

“You have this woman, this character, this mysterious scribbler that Eloise is basically a bit in love with, and kinda wants to be her best mate – has been lying to her, writing about her family, and causing scandals.”

“To me, that’s the most compelling thing in the world.”


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