Ben Foden’s former flame Rebecca Jane opens up about his ‘questionable conduct’ on This Morning

The Big Brother star hooked up with Ben before he married his new wife Jackie Smith

Ben Foden’s former flame Rebecca Jane has opened up about his ‘questionable conduct’ on This Morning.

The Big Brother star appeared on the show to discuss ‘micro-cheating’, and was questioned about her fling with the rugby player.

Rebecca has claimed that she hooked up with Ben earlier this year, and was still texting him less than two weeks before he married his new wife Jackie Belanoff Smith.

Host Ruth Langsford asked Rebecca: “We saw in the papers that Ben Foden, who got married very quickly after meeting somebody, I believe after two or three weeks, and I believe he had been messaging you just before that. Is that right?”

Rebecca replied: “What I will say is that I have nothing bad to say about Ben, I’m not going to sit here and slam him.”

“I think in my personal opinion he has been a decent person towards me, however from reading everything and believing everything we’ve read in the papers, I think some of his conduct has been probably… questionable.”

“I can categorically, honestly say that when I’ve met him and any point when I’ve spoken to him, I have had absolutely no inclination that there would have been anybody else and he has certainly not said that to me. And I would like to not be as cynical as I am and believe that’s the case.”

“I think he’s taken an absolute hammering and I think it’s very unfortunate because I think he and his new wife knows the situation.”

The news comes after Ben hit back at people who have criticised him since he revealed his surprise marriage to Jackie.