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Ben Foden clarifies comment he made about Rachel Stevens being ‘the sexiest woman in the world’

Ben Foden has been forced to clarify a comment he made about his Dancing On Ice co-star Rachel Stevens being “the sexiest woman in the world”.

The rugby player, who has been married to his wife Jackie Belanoff Smith since August 2019, made the comment during a joint press conference this week.

Speaking to reporters, Rachel was asked what she has over other competitors in the competition, and the S Club 7 star replied: “Oh my goodness… You just go into it as yourself and take the opportunity to learn.”

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“It’s such a fun, amazing show. I just want to go in and do the best I can. Ultimately you have to bring yourself and have fun.”

“You’re putting on a show. That’s what is so special. We’re all bringing something different and our own unique thing.”

Ben then interjected: “That – and you’re the sexiest woman in the world, Rachel.”

The 36-year-old’s cheeky comment hit a lot of headlines, as it came just days after his wife Jackie insisted she wasn’t concerned Ben would ever cheat on her.

Jackie and Ben | Instagram

The rugby player was unfaithful to his Irish ex-wife Una Healy, who he shares two kids with – Aoife Belle, 9, and Tadgh, 6.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Jackie said: “From day one he’s never made me feel paranoid or insecure…”

“He’s not once worried me. I think you just know, deep down, when that could happen and it’s not a possibility with us, so I’m not concerned.”

After his comment about Rachel Stevens being “the sexiest woman in the world” hit headlines on Thursday, Ben took to Instagram to clarify his statement. 

Ben and Jackie

The father-of-three said: “Just want to address something the red tops have been printing today about me referring to Rachel [Stevens] as the sexiest woman in the world.”

“We were in an interview, and someone asked Rachel, ‘how do you carry around the weight of being the sexiest woman in the world? voted by FHM in 2005 or whatever.”

“And then later on, another reporter asked Rachel ‘what do you have over other competitors in the competition?’ And obviously Rachel was very respectful and modest, and I threw in at the end ‘oh don’t forget you’re the sexiest woman in the world.'”

“Obviously they’ve taken that and written a headline, and made it something it’s absolutely not…”

Ben captioned the video: “Sorry Rach – my foot in my mouth as usual.”

The rugby player added: “Obviously Jackie is my sexiest woman in the world, she gets my vote every time.”

In another post, he suggested: “Maybe I should stop doing press as clearly my foot can always be found in my mouth.”


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