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Australian reporter apologises for ‘insulting’ Adele in lengthy on-air statement

Australian reporter Matt Doran has publicly apologised for “insulting” Adele, after he failed to listen to her new album before interviewing the singer.

Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise host was flown to London earlier this month for an exclusive interview with the 33-year-old, ahead of the release of her album 30.

According to reports, the interview was part of a $1m package deal that included streaming rights to her CBS special ‘Adele: One Night Only’.

However, Matt’s interview with Adele never made it to air after he awkwardly admitted he hadn’t listened to her new record during their conversation.

It’s understood Sony has refused to release the footage of the interview, and the reporter has since issued a public apology to the singer.

Matt described the incident as a “terrible mistake”, and has insisted he missed an email link to listen to her album before the interview.

Speaking on Weekend Sunrise on Saturday, Matt addressed the controversy by saying: “This is a story that has sparked a torrent of abuse and mockery from around the world and, if I’m being honest with you, the bulk of this savaging I deserve and I totally own.”

“I made the terrible mistake of assuming we weren’t to be given a preview copy of this album because our interview was airing before it was released and Adele’s album was the industry’s most prized secret.”

“The day after we landed in London an email came through from Sony, it didn’t mention Adele but it did contain a link to her album,” he explained.

“The genuine, deadset, hand on heart truth is that I missed it. By an absurdly long margin the most important email I’ve ever missed in my life.”

Matt also denied claims Adele walked out of the interview, and said the 33-year-old was “profound”, “funny” and “raw” during their 29-minute chat.

“But all that doesn’t matter because, by missing the album link, however I might try to justify it, I’ve insulted Adele,” he said.

“To Adele I say, I’ve never knowingly disrespected you by deliberately not listening to your work. I am so sorry.”

“I also apologise to Adele’s Australian fans and to… our viewers, who through my error have been denied this interview and the insight to her character.”


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