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Ashley James ‘welcomes her first child’ with boyfriend Tom Andrews

Ashley James has reportedly given birth to her first child with boyfriend Tom Andrews.

The former Made In Chelsea star announced her pregnancy back in July, and revealed her due date was January 3.

In photos published by the MailOnline, the reality star and her beau were spotted out for a walk with a baby stroller, after reportedly giving birth to the newborn.


The news comes after the 33-year-old marked her due date by sharing a photo of her baby bump on Instagram.

The model captioned the post: “I’ve been trying to cherish every last moment of pregnancy. Appreciating the kicks, being thankful for the way my body has grown.

“But equally, the last couple of weeks have been harder, mentally and physically. Physically: I’ve been constantly itchy, my pelvis is sore and swollen, and my belly piercing has started to tear because of the extreme stretching. Walking has kept me fit and active.

“Mentally: it’s been a weird time of year with the in-between stage of Christmas and New Year anyway, and I feel like I’ve started a new year still awaiting a new chapter.”


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A post shared by Ashley James (@ashleylouisejames)

Ashley continued: “It’s also weird because you’re bombarded with messages asking if the baby is here, or telling you things you can do to hurry to process (all well intentioned messages), and you’re just out here waiting. Even the pregnancy apps stop updating you!

“I’m so excited to experience childbirth and can’t wait to meet the little guy I’ve carried round the last 280 days. I can’t wait to introduce him to you, and continue to share the highs and lows.

“Now I just need to stay calm and keep my oxytocin levels up amongst all the noise and chaos of the world. ❤️” have contacted a rep for Ashley James for comment.


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A post shared by Ashley James (@ashleylouisejames)


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