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Ashley Cain pays tribute to daughter Azaylia as she turns 10-months-old in heaven

The Ex On The Beach star shared an emotional video with his baby girl


Ashley Cain has shared an emotional video of his daughter Azaylia on what would have been her 10-month birthday.

On April 24, the reality star’s baby girl passed away following a battle with a rare and aggressive form of leukemia.

Taking to Instagram, the 30-year-old shared a clip of him watching TV with Azaylia and kissing her head.

He captioned the post: “My special girl turns 10 months old today in heaven. She brought so much happiness, love, strength, courage and gratitude into not only my life, but my partners, my families and even people around the world.”

“Even though I am hurting beyond words, I feel blessed and proud to say I am your daddy and you are my daughter.”

“You lit up the world when it was dark, you gave hope when there was despair and the legacy you left behind will continue to help families and children around the world for decades to come.”

“You were, you are and you always will be Special my baby. I love you and I miss you so so much! MY HERO 👼🏼🧡🌈💎🌅” he added.

It comes after Ashley urged other grieving parents to “keep fighting” in an emotional post shared earlier this week.

He wrote: “Azaylia changed my life forever – I will put in blood, sweat and tears every day of my life to help other families and children who are suffering.”


“I will raise money and awareness for childhood cancer but also try to comfort, motivate and inspire parents/families who are going through similar situations. 🧡

“Training is my therapy by being outside and at one with the sky. It is where I have my strongest connection with Azaylia and where I feel she can see me, hear me and be with me.”

“It is also a way of exerting myself to expel bad energy and release positive endorphins. It keeps my mind as clear as it can be but also keeps me ready and conditioned for some of the great things I want to do for Azaylia’s charity going forward. *Find your therapy* 🙏🏾

“If their are any parents out there grieving over the loss of their child. I want you to know that your children are in heaven where they can see you, hear you, but also be around you.”

“Don’t give up on yourself, it is important that we stand strong, talk to them everyday and make them proud,” he urged.

“We can come together, keep fighting, support each other and do good on this earth… So we can earn our place in heaven, where we will be with our beautiful children again for eternity. 🌈