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Andrew Brady reaches out to Lewis Burton in the wake of Caroline Flack’s arrest

Lewis allegedly told him to "stay out of their business"


Andrew Brady reportedly reached out to Lewis Burton after Caroline Flack was arrested following a domestic incident.

Caroline is due to answer the charges in magistrates court on Monday the 23rd of December.

Andrew, who is Caroline’s ex, yesterday uploaded a screen shot of an NDA document (with names redacted) under the hashtag #abusehasnogender.

A source close to Andrew told MailOnline: “Andrew wanted to be there for Lewis.”

According to the source: “Lewis replied telling him to stay out of their business and made clear he’d not been asked to sign any documents.”

Today, Lewis released a statement to his Instagram, which made it clear that he is sticking by Caroline throughout the current criticism she is recieving.

Calling Caroline “the most lovely girl,” he wrote:


“I’m tired of the lies and abuse aimed at my girlfriend,” he began.

“This is not a witch hunt this is someone’s life. I have not signed an NDA.”

“Why would I? Caroline is the most lovely girl. Loyal and kind. She doesn’t deserve any of this.”