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Amy Hart reveals she’s still receiving therapy after Love Island

The reality star had a tough time on the show

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Amy Hart has revealed that she’s still receiving therapy, months after leaving the Love Island villa.

The former air hostess dramatically decided to quit the show early over the summer, after she was brutally dumped by Curtis Pritchard.

The 26-year-old visited a psychiatrist during her time on the show, and continued to receive therapy when she landed back in the UK.

Speaking to OK! Online about how therapy has helped her, Amy said: “I’m so hot on it because our psychiatrist Dr Sandra was saying to me: ‘You’ve got to think of yourself like a mobile phone. Every time you’re out in public and you’re talking to people and you’re doing stuff, your battery life is going down and down and down and you can recharge it and recharge it and recharge it, and if you don’t recharge it, it’s just gonna die.’”

“So – obviously I’m not gonna die – but, she said, ‘You need to work out how to have that time to recharge, you’ve gotta find something you can do for half an hour a day, just completely separate from everything from Love Island, showbiz etc, and just really maintain that.’”

“And Lou, who’s my pshyc that I go to, I had her in the villa and now I see her out of the villa and she’s brilliant and I just find it all so interesting,” she continued.

Amy also praised ITV’s aftercare process, after it came under fire earlier this year following the deaths of two former Love Island stars.

She said: “ITV, I cannot fault them at all, they don’t just help you with stuff related to the villa, there’s a lot of stuff that were issues for me before the villa but I didn’t know they were issues until I went into the villa, so we’re sorting out all of that.”

“And I think I’m so lucky to have that tool there, and I’d be so silly not to use it. I’ve got Lou on the phone whenever I need her for coping strategies and things like that.”

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