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Amy Hart reveals she’s still in therapy after Love Island stint

'I’ve changed as a person...'


Amy Hart has revealed that she is still in therapy after her stint in Love Island.

The reality star’s first experience with therapy was in the villa, when she was offered help off-screen following her heartbreaking split with Curtis Pritchard.

“I’m still in therapy and it’s made me totally different,” she told The Sun.

“Yes, 100 per cent I’ve changed as a person,” she added, “I’m a lot more chilled. My brain was always in overdrive.

“I always used to have music on all the time, everywhere I walked. If I went to get a glass of water in the kitchen I would put my headphones in.

“I walked 45 minutes the other day and I walked back with no music and my head was so clear.

“I’m a lot more chilled and enjoy life a lot more, with a lot less anxiety.”


“I did struggle at the beginning when I came out of Love Island, but you’ve got to learn to manage it.

“I wouldn’t have had therapy if I’d not been on Love Island, I’m really grateful. I wouldn’t change anything, I would do it again tomorrow.”

Amy added: “You’ve just got to learn how to deal with it.”

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Amy previously revealed that while she said she loved Curtis in the villa, she now realises that she was simply “obsessed.”

“The first few weeks I came out I was still really upset then something just clicked,” she told The Sun Online.

“When you are in there you are in a bubble and everything is heightened. You become obsessed but once I snapped out of it I bounced back really quickly.”

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“I thought it was true love with Curtis but that villa is a strange, strange place,” she recalled.

“I thought I had been in love before Love Island and then got into the villa and thought no that wasn’t love this is what love feels like but now I have realised that wasn’t love either.”

“So I can’t wait to experience real love because it will be amazing.”


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