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Amy Hart opens up about losing friends after going on Love Island

Amy Hart has opened up about losing friends while she was on Love Island.

The Loose Women guest panelist spoke up about her difficulties with friendships during and after her stint on the reality TV show.

Speaking at a party in her honour, the former air hostess addressed the room, standing at the top of a staircase.

From ITV Studios

“The criteria for today’s invitation list was as follows – nice to me before the villa, supportive whilst i was in the villa, and nice to me when i came out of the villa,” she joked, in a video uploaded to her Instagram story.

“A lot of people that have been in my life for a long time didn’t actually meet that criteria… which is really sad but i am so grateful that i have all of you.”

Continuing, Amy went on to thank her friends for defending her from online critics and trolls while she was in the villa.


“I know you are my real friends because a lot of you were banned from Facebook during the time i was in the villa.”

Amy recently took to her Instagram story to clap back at online trolls and bullies.

The reality TV star told her followers that she has learned to block certain key phrases so that she doesn’t see negative comments, and takes the rest of the cruel words with a pinch of salt.


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